Rick | Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

A brand creator since day one! Which is January 11th in Cleveland Ohio. Richard is a trailblazer! After crushing it in radio sales, Rick signed on one of the 1st Fox affiliates in the country in Rochester NY and it became one of the highest rated Fox stations on the planet. From there, Rick pulled together every cent he had on earth and bought his first radio station. Rick created the legendary radio brands, ROCKET and STAR.

In 2002, Rick sold his then 6 Erie PA cluster of radio stations because this creator of brands now wanted to focus on other people’s brands. Rick went into the advertising agency biz. Today Rick and his team brilliantly build, evolve, and harness the power of brands every single day.


Whitney | Experiential Account Manager

Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Whitney has held several high-profile advertising roles in the region and a major advertising agency in New York City.

Her experience in event marketing and advertising, along with her ability to stay on the cutting edge of trends, makes her an ideal fit for R Brilliant Media.

Whitney’s background enables her to meet with clients and strategize on marketing opportunities and media plans. At such a young age, Whitney has garnered a wealth of experience in the business world and brings a clean perspective to the agency on how to reach and target millennials and the Gen Z demographic.

Jon | Digital Channel Director

Jon grew up alongside digital advertising. He has created and managed digital campaigns of all shapes and sizes since its very early days and has seen the landscape evolve over the last decade and a half. His average day consists of utilizing platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, Hulu, and YouTube to reach and surpass client goals.

Jordan | Art Director

Steeped in a background centered around modern design in the music industry, Jordan brings a refreshing perspective to every project he works on. Like any graphic artist and type enthusiast, he's always in search of the perfect layout. His passion lies in opening brands up to creatively alternative visual solutions, while simultaneously crafting work that is as cutting edge and eye-catching as possible.

Judy | Business Manager

Judy. Judy. Judy. More than just a line from a classic Cary Grant movie, the “R Brilliant” Judy is so much more! The CEO of a community hospital in an earlier life, our logical and loving Judy is on top of IT ALL! Number cruncher, problem solver and business builder. Judy is bright and makes R Brilliant even brighter.

Aaron | Information Systems Specialist

You’ll find Aaron at the corner of geek and cool. His specialty is making everything work and interface from the backend at every level. Networking, file, and web server configuration. A modern MacGyver of sorts, if Aaron cannot do it, it cannot be done. If there is an industry certification, he has it. Aaron is a proud Information Systems alum from West Virginia University. Go Mountaineers!

david - print

David | Print and Publication Specialist

David brings it when it comes to color and text. Pictures, print and their design will always be worth a thousand words and emotions. Corporate, direct mail and all digital and print applications. Get noticed. Be remembered.