We build brands responsibly by developing strategies in the most efficient way possible. We are business people first with strong marketing skills.
Direct Mail


With 30 years experience in the print industry, our print director offers in-store, B2B, and effective consumer mailers.

Creative Design


It’s what we love to do …and we excel at it!

Media Buying and Placement


Our experience is unprecedented top-down. As former insiders, we know the ropes.

Public Relations / Consulting


We offer consulting services on all levels from product development, employee /customer relations to community involvement.


Digital Advertising

We embrace new technologies and are always on the cutting edge of new ways of communicating.

Brand Development and Building


Brilliant Brands is what we create, enhance, and market. It’s in our DNA.

We serve a wide spectrum of clients as our years of experience running multiple successful businesses allows us to understand each of our clients unique needs and opportunities. Our diversified client list includes health care, banking, hospitality, education, b2b and manufacturing.

Brilliant Team

We come from a number of places with diverse work experience and insight. Our team is as strategic as we are nimble. We put those qualities to work to achieve the greatest results our clients seek.